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Lauven is a leading technical service company established in 2015, specializing in electrotechnical services (MEP) such as air-conditioning systems, electrical services, false ceilings, carpentry, and more. Renowned for its high-quality work, Lauven has secured contracts with major government and private facilities, earning a respected position in the market.

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Lauven is a technical service company, specialised in electrotechnical services (MEP), Lauven is considered one of the leading companies in its field, it was established in 2015.

Lauven Engineering specialises in electromechanical service, i.e. installing, maintaining, and testing air-conditioning systems, electrical services, as well as False ceiling & light partitions installation, Engraving & ornamentation works, Plaster works, Wallpaper fixing Carpentry & flooring contracting.

In a short while Lauven has earned its position and respect in the market among its competitors, and that was achieved through its moral codes and the work is done according to high quality standards, which reflected positively on it, and resulting in contracts with big government facilities and private ones.

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